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Colon Health News – Mayo Clinic research reveals what your poop is trying to tell you!

Discover the Natural Remedy for Regular, Painless Bowel Movements – and A Whistle Clean Colon! Say NO To Hideous Costs of Laxatives, Enemas & Suppositories…

Dear friend,

If it takes you two … three … four … or more days to have a bowel movement or .. .

. .. If you grunt and strain to poop, or …

… Eliminate black, hard, “pellet stool,” or …

… Pass pencil-thin or mucus-filled bowel movements that smell to high heaven …

… Then this urgent message is for you!

If you suffer from any of these bowel problems – then please listen to this experience about a woman named Betty.

Betty’s story nearly broke our hearts – and it motivated us to send you this urgent, life-saving special message today. Because …

Let’s tell you right now: Betty’s story does not end with “happily ever after.” In fact, it’s tragic. And what’s even sadder is: Her tragedy didn’t have to happen at all!

It could’ve been avoided. But unfortunately Betty’s story is not uncommon – it happens much too often. But we don’t want it to ever happen to you or a loved one.

Betty was in her 40’s. She had a weight problem most of her adult life and frequently experienced bowel problems … Sometimes it would take her three … five … seven days or more to have a bowel movement. And when she did, she experienced excruciating pain.

This went on for many years. But then things suddenly changed. The constipation finally stopped – but now Betty began suffering with loose stools. In fact, she struggled with chronic diarrhea for over 15 years!

She took the over-the-counter “pink stuff’ and her doctors prescribed other chalky medications to stop the diarrhea. Then one day suddenly…

Betty died.

Fecal matter was found in her mouth. An autopsy found the circumference of her colon – which should’ve measured just two inches wide … was over 12 inches in some areas of her colon – that’s SIX TIMES wider than normal!

Plus, her colon was hard like cement and so impacted with fecal matter, doctors had to break it apart with a chisel!

Turns out the “pink stuff’ and the other chalky medications kept coating the lining of her colon. And over the years, the layers of coating finally closed any opening.

The diarrhea she was desperately trying to treat was actually her body’s LAST way of signaling distress – and nature’s only way of keeping her alive.

By using the medications to stop the diarrhea – her bowels shut down. Betty had to eliminate through her bowels, but with her colon closed off, fecal matter had nowhere to go – so it backed up and choked her to death.

The sad truth is: Betty chose a temporary solution for her bowel problems – but she never addressed her real problem: a colon clogged with impacted fecal matter!

That’s why the most noted expert of colon heath, Dr. Norman Walker, says:

“The Most Prevalent
Ailment Among Civilized People Is

There’s no doubt about it: If you can’t regularly and properly empty your bowels – you will wreak havoc with every cell … organ … and gland in your body. What’s more … Without daily elimination and colon cleansing – your blood-stream and lymph system can become overloaded with toxins … send poisons throughout your entire body… and clog up your cells with disease-causing mucus!

Betty’s experience is a wake-up call for every one of us. So what about you? Are you experiencing …

🚽 Occasional constipation or diarrhea
🚽 Irritable bowels
🚽 Smelly elimination
🚽 Embarrassing gas
🚽 Cramping
🚽 Bloating
🚽 Digestive dstress
🚽 Bad breath
🚽 Straining to have a bowel movement
🚽 Fullness in stomach
🚽 Liver pains
🚽 Have runny stool
🚽 Can’t “Go” for days… even weeks
🚽 Need several sheets of toilet paper to wipe clean

If so, you need to take action RIGHT NOW to get to the real cause of your problem – a colon that’s clogged with impacted fecal matter!

And this fecal matter can line the walls of your intestines so that it becomes so impacted – it makes it nearly impossible to poop! What’s more … You put out a welcome mat and create a breeding ground for parasites that can live in your intestines undetected for decades!

So before you flush, take a look at your “masterpiece”! – It can reveal surprising facts about your health! Just take this quick quiz to get the inside scoop on your poop!

Question #1: How long does it take you to have a bowel movement?
Answer: Healthy bowel movements happen within 60 seconds of sitting on the toilet. The stool should easily come out without straining, grunting, or any discomfort. It should have the consistency of toothpaste. If you have time to read a newspaper while sitting on the toilet – you probably have a problem with constipation or poor bowel health.

Question #2: What is the shape of your stool?
Answer: Very narrow, pencil-shaped stool is a sign your colon walls are impacted or you have polyps or growths on the inside of your colon or rectum. This causes the stool to squeeze to get through. Stress can also create narrow stool. Hard, round, or pellet-shaped stool is a possible sign of poor liver function, lack of exercise, endogenous heat, or constipation.

Question #3: What is the odor of your stool?
Answer: Gas or odor is a sign of a bacterial imbalance in your intestinal flora. The “bad” bacteria release foul-smelling gases and toxins that can cramp your colon and create embarrassing odors. You can eliminate this odor by removing debris and encrusted feces from the walls of your intestines and restoring the balance in your intestinal flora. When you do – your body can properly absorb nutrients to fuel every cell in your body!

The Secret to Living to a Healthy 120 Years – and Older!

In a small kingdom high in the Himalayas, west of Pakistan, in the valley of Hunza … Men live to be 120 years and older …experience little to no illness … and father children well into their 90’s. The women of 80 look no older than 40 years old.

Their secret? A diet of real, whole foods rich in fiber and other beneficial nutrients, and stress-free life! This leads to optimal colon health, a strong liver – and a long, healthy life!

Scientists found their bowel transit time is between 16 to 24 hours from eating to eliminating. Yet the average American takes 96 hours – that’s four days of rotting waste products stuck in your colon – and oozing out into your bloodstream!

Is it any wonder you may suffer from health problems like:

⚠️ Fatigue!
⚠️ Embarrassing and smelly gas!
⚠️ Unexplainable pain!
⚠️ Abdominal distension!
⚠️ Irritable bowels!
⚠️ Low energy levels!
⚠️ High cholesterol!
⚠️ Skin outbreaks!
⚠️ Bad “dragon breath”!
⚠️ Frequent temper outbursts!
⚠️ And more!

Please know this: Your colon is screaming for help! When your colon is in danger – it will do anything and everything to send out an S.O.S. for health!

In response, when you’re constipated – like anybody else, you’ll do just about anything to gain relief!

So if you’re “rectally receptive” – you may reach for laxatives, suppositories or enemas to get relief! But…

Temporary Relief Like Laxatives, Enemas or Suppositories
Can Cause PERMANENT Damage To Your Colon, Liver and Spleen!

Mayo Clinic Research doctors did one of the most extensive studies on the traditional treatments of constipation, and one finding blew their mind: the constipation problem is just a symptom, the deeper root cause is not colon – it’s damaged liver-spleen system in body.

The liver-spleen system is in charge of nutrients transformation and eliminations. It is the powerhouse, or the engine providing strength for bowel movement.

It is the Secret Button inside your own body that could solve your constipation problem ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Laxatives, suppositories and enemas are NOT easy-to-use temporary relieves.

Keep this picture in mind: Laxatives, Enemas or Suppositories treat colon like it’s a plastic sewage pipe, and each RELIEF actually further weakens your colon. After the brutalScrapings”, the internal walls of colon are left in wreckages, and some damages could become permanent!

According to the doctors, laxatives, enemas and suppositories are icy-cold in nature to body. They are like icy water pouring down on liver-spleen, quenching the shaking fire of life for people over 70s, 60s, 50s, or even 40s…making the weak organs even weaker…Most people don’t realize such nightmarish torture sufferred…

To make things worse, studies show regular use of laxatives, suppositories and enemas can become habit forming – even addictive! That’s right – you may not be able to “go” without them!

This is a recipe for a serious health disaster: on one hand, the real problem is UNTOUCHED and getting worse each day; on the other hand, you could not live without the thing that is damaging your health!

To deal with This Dilemma

That’s why we want to introduce you to a remarkable supplement that contains amazing nutrients proven to help you experience regular and painless bowel movements… And help you clean out the gunk and debris that’s lining the walls of your colon…by making your liver-spleen stronger!

It’s called SoutheOut™ – available only through!

This specially formulated remedy will help you experience regular and painless bowel movements … restore colon health … and help you get your important organs and entire body back in working shape FAST!

SoutheOut™ Doesn’t Contain One Single Laxative —
Yet It Can Make You GO More Smoothly Than Any Laxatives!

That’s because this amazing formula contains Four powerful nutrients scientifically proven to boost liver-spleen… promote colon health … help you experience “smooth moves” …and aid your body in removing dangerous and toxic debris that line the walls of your colon. These amazing nutrients include:

🌿 The Liver Booster! Paeoniae has been regarded as most powerful liver booster by such guru herbalists as Chang Chong-Jing, the Father of herbal medicines. If you often taste bitter in your mouth when get up in the morning, or if you frequently have short tempers – your liver is in a very weak condition. Paeoniae can turn around the deterioration of liver functions and make you more energetic and healthy!

🌿 The Spleen Warmer! Rehmannia could warm up your spleen and make it stronger. If you often have constipation or diarrhea, your spleen is calling for help. If spleen is weak, it can also cause blood/artery related problems, like high cholesterol and plaque blockages in heart and brain. Rehmannia can warm-up and restart-up the hard-beaten spleen and make it stronger. You’ll experience many unexpected benefits from it!

🌿 The Energy Powerhouse! The remarkable herb Astragali has been regarded as the biggest energy powerhouse for the whole body, especially for people above 40s. It enhances contractions in your colon called peristalsis. This allows your bowels to move and empty on a regular basis! You may never have problems with a sluggish bowel again, and avoid dangerous intestinal obstruction!

🌿 The Inflammation Dowser! Fructus aurantii has the uncanny ability to put out the fires of inflammation … reduce anal swelling … support your immune system… and soothe irritated intestines and tissues!

Now, this amazing herbal colon formula is not guaranteeing you’ll live to 120 years like the people of Hunza – but wouldn’t you love to experience 20 … 30 … 40 … or more years of healthy living? A clean and healthy colon supported by strong liver-spleen can help you reach that goal!

The truth is: You can’t be healthy if your colon is sick! Getting your colon back in regular working order is the #1 thing you can do to help restore and protect your health. SoutheOut™ is the easiest way to make that happen! You get four amazing nutrients that overhaul liver-spleen functions, encourage healthy, regular, and painless bowel movements … and remove debris and fecal matter that clog up your colon walls wreak havoc with your digestive system! Just six capsules a day is all you need to promote optimal colon health!

Imagine the amazing relief you’ll experience when you clean out all FIVE FEET of your colon with SoutheOut™!

Another Big Benefit …
You Can Seriously Lose Some Weight!

Don’t be surprised if your friends ask you if you’ve lost weight-and say how good you look! It’s amazing how great a flatter stomach can make you feel! With regular and healthy bowel movements- you can eliminate big belly bloat… get rid of toxic buildup that can add five … ten … 12 pounds or more of fecal weight… reduce inches to your mid-section … and put an end to uncomfortable and embarrassing gas!

SoutheOut™ is easy to use!

SoutheOut™ is EASIER and SAFER than ANY Laxatives, Enemas & Suppositories!

It has –

🗸 NO powders to mix!
🗸 NO harsh stimulants!
🗸 NO colonies!
🗸 NO fasting!
🗸 NO enemas!
🗸 NO suppositories!
🗸 NO nasty after taste!
🗸 NO addictive!

It is food-level safe. You can use it every day to maintain optimal colon health! What’s more, SoutheOut™ doesn’t damage organs, tissues, or anal muscles like suppositories and enemas! SoutheOut™ boosts your body’s own natural ability to eliminate bowels regularly!

It’s never been easier to experience regular, healthy, and painless bowel movements – thanks to SoutheOut™!

And right now is the absolute BEST time to try this amazing formula. Here are four reasons why:

✴️ REASON #1

During this special introductory offer, you save up to $120 on SoutheOut™. That’s right! You can help promote regular and healthy bowel movements … help eliminate dangerous parasites … and help remove fecal matter from your colon walls – and pay the absolute LOWEST price available! It just doesn’t get any better than this. So don’t miss out!

✴️ REASON #2

Unlike many over-the-counter laxatives, suppositories, or enemas – SoutheOut™ is non-addictive! That means you can take it every day to promote regular bowel movements and keep your colon free from toxic debris and parasites!

✴️ REASON #3

Your days of being constipated are OVER! You’ll get the real lowdown on what you need to experience regular and healthy bowel movements! You’ll discover:

㊙️ The surprising link between constipation and diarrhea! Most doctors will never tell you this – but it can save your life!
㊙️ Why laxatives are NOT the answer! Here’s a simpler way to avoid the pitfalls – and still experience normal bowel movements!

✴️ REASON #4

You get a complimentary copy Numerous other studies prove the ingredients/nutrients are safe to use. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed the potent herbs in “category I (safe and effective). They are so gentle – even elderly folks and surgical patients can take it! Recently researchers discovered the power behind the potent herbs: they naturally triggers peristalis – the bowel contractions needed for healthy elimination!


You will experience daily, healthy, and painless bowel movements – even if you’ve struggled with occasional constipation for decades!

SoutheOut™ will work for you – or you pay NOTHING!

Skeptical? We sure hope so! Because many of our Shebal customers were too! But they decided to give SoutheOut™ a fair try – and now they’re experiencing DAILY, healthy and PAINLESS bowel elimination!

Plus, they helped clean out the fecal matter that was coating their colon walls with putrid waste matter and creating a haven for parasites! And now they’re feeling BETTER THAN EVER! We want you to experience that joy too!

You will ”go” – everyday – Guaranteed to work for you or it’s FREE!

You will experience healthy and painless bowel movements each and every day for as long as you take SoutheOut™ – GUARANTEED!

Now; here’s where you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain:

Use SoutheOut™ for as long as you like. That’s right – No 30 … 60 … or 90-day deadlines!

You must experience healthy and painless bowel movements each and every day for as long as you take SoutheOut™.

If you are EVER dissatisfied with your results – just return the unused portion – even if it’s your very LAST capsule! Shebal™ will promptly refund your entire purchase price – that’s a 100% refund a month … six months … or even a YEAR or more after using SoutheOut™.

Quite honestly, we would go out of business making that kind of promise if SoutheOut™ wasn’t as good as we say it is!

And you can bet your bottom dollar companies that manufacture laxatives, suppositories, enemas, or inferior herbal “remedies” wouldn’t have the guts to put their neck on the line like this!

But we’re 100% positive you will SEE and FEEL the difference SoutheOut™ will make in your life! That’s why we can make this Unconditional Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction to you!

And, remember: If you EVER decide to return SoutheOut™ – you get to keep all the special gifts you received! That’s a value of $140.5 – absolutely FREE!

We think that’s fair, don’t you? There’s no doubt about it – SoutheOut™ is Nature’s remarkable “Go” remedy! You’ll be amazed at how regular and healthy your bowel movements will be – even if you’ve had bowel problems for decades!

You’ve seen the proof of how powerful the nutrients in SoutheOut™ are …

… You read about Betty’s tragic story – and how her painful and sad experience NEVER has to happen to you …

… And you’ve got an ironclad 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE that SoutheOut™ will help you experience regular and healthy bowel movements

It’s very simple.

You will experience regular, healthy and pain-free bowel movements – no ifs, ands, or buts about it! If you want to: “Go”- without experiencing occasional constipation … diarrhea …pain … or rectal bleeding …

Safely help remove fecal debris and putrid waste that’s lining your colon walls and ruining your health …Eliminate harmful parasites and their eggs …

Avoid prescription medicines… over-the-counter drugs … laxatives … enemas … and suppositories … and … Maintain healthy bowels with a natural, herbal formula that’s safe and non-addictive …

Now it’s time for you to decide to put this amazing supplement to the test for YOU!

Try this amazing all-natural formula- and your results are GUARANTEED in three ways:

Guarantee #1: You will become regular. Yes, you will experience regular, healthy, and painless bowel movements … promote optimal colon health … and feel better than ever! SEE and FEEL the benefits of SoutheOut™!

Guarantee #2: You can use up your entire supply of SoutheOut™ and still be protected by our 100% money back guarantee! Even if you’re down to your last capsule! You must be absolutely convinced SoutheOut™” works for you – or you get a FULL refund. No questions asked!

Guarantee #3: You keep all your FREE gifts – even if you decide to return SoutheOut™! That’s our way of saying THANKS for giving SoutheOut™ a fair try!

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Take care of your colon – and your entire body will thank you!