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Bombshell of Laxatives, Enemas & Suppositories

This is a fact few people know: the harms done by laxatives, enemas and suppositories to body can be destructive as bombshell and irreversible, especially for frequent users…

One of the most respected experts, Philip F. Yang, professor of traditional Chinese medicine in Peking University, said, “The very root cause of constipation is not diet nor sedentary lifestyle – it’s the weakened functions of liver and spleen, the real powerhouse behind bowel movement…”

“Laxatives, enemas & suppositories are icy cold in nature to body, and cripple liver & spleen, making them weaker and weaker… The saddest thing about it is that, once fallen into their claws, most people cannot live without them…. It’s absolutely unnecessary.”

This is critical if you are now using any laxatives, enemas or suppositories: read for more details and the amazing remedy from this Report here….