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“Unknown Herbs” to Unblock Arteries and Heart

Most Amazing Herbs Disrupting Our Knowledge

Human beings have been using herbs to treat diseases as early as the start of farming. That’s why China’s 2500-year-old The Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica was attributed to the “Father of Farming”. It is widely regarded as a Herbal Bible in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Almost all famous herbal formulas in traditional Chinese medicines are based on this book. There are six herbs recorded as “the best for dissolving artery blockages, smoothen blood circulation, and boosting heart functions and energy level“:

The Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica‘s 6 Amazing Herbs
  • Sanchi: The book simply says it “擅治一切血症”, or “good at treating any blood-related problems“.These includes “infections in blood (or atherosclerosis), slow blood circulations, low energy in heart, and poor blood qualities“.
  • Atractylodes:The book says this herb “is the best available to make spleen stronger and body weight lighter“. In traditional Chinese medicine, weak spleen is the root cause of artery blockages and weak heart. Spleen is responsible for transporting and transforming nutrients throughout the body. If it’s weak, nutrients including cholesterol will “sediment” in blood and plaque thus buildups. So a small amount of cholesterol intake could still lead to quick plaque buildups in arteries, even if the person is quite skinny. Mid-age overweight is extremely difficult to reduce, because the fat buildup is due to weak spleen too.
  • Salvia: according to the book, the herb can “remove blockages in arteries and ease pains in heart & chest, and activate blood to promote coronary circulation“.
  • Chuanxiong: the book says this herb is the “strongest energy booster for blood circulation, and it can also enrich blood, and ease pains in chest and head quickly“.
  • Astragalus: this herb can “invigorate spleen, stomach and kidneys, making them stronger, and boost body’s energy levle and immunity abilities“.
  • Bupleurum: according to the book, the herb “strengthens liver’s functions, making it better at purifying the blood, safeguarding liver’s own health after processing poisonous wastes in body“.

* Quotes are from The Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica, Published by Happy Goat Productions, September 11, 2017.

The most extraordinary thing about the classic is that its goal is to treat the root cause of a body problem, then multiple symptoms – many of them could be tricky, tough or even bizarre – could be solved once and for all. This is like:

Once the Devil King Is Subdued,
All the Devils Jumping Around Will Disappear

Today as we focus more on treating symptoms, most old ancestors’ herbs have quickly faded into “unknown“, into a state of barbarians’ treatments mostly, in as fast as within past 150 years…

But are they really uncivilized, cavemen’s treatments?

The answer is a resounding NO!

The Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica records another herb called Sweetwormwood, and explains how it could be used to cure malaria – it must be cooked in a special way in warm water, as high temperature will totally destroy its curative ability. Almost 2500 years later, a Chinese woman scientist led a team, and took an active extract from sweetwormwood using a method based on that information. The United Nation and World Health Organization have used this extract to save millions of lives in Africa alone.

That Scientist Won A Nobel Prize In Medicine in 2015 – JUST FOR THAT!

The Two Strategies: A Comparison of Two Typs of Products

To more vividly understand the strategy differences between root-cause and symptom focused, let’s compare two real-life clean artery products, each representing a different type of treamment – one is a herbal supplement SoftenClean as recommendated by Herbal Science Report; the other is a popular EDTA chelation therapy:

traditional herbs
Cleaning heavy
metals like lead
PurposeStrengthen the organs
causing artery problem
“Detox” calcium from
body to reduce buildups
No chemicalsx
Side effectsxLow blood calcium level
damage to the kidneys
3rd-party purity testx
FDA Registered
* Products information was collected from third-party web sites.

“The Divine Farmer’s Classic of
Materia Medica is a
cornucopia for medical science.
It is vastly undervalued.”

Ms.Tu Youyou
2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine Laureate

A Guide to Clean Arteries

In a new 1,700-word report, “A Guide to Clean Arteries,” Ed Huang, M.D., answers 16 frequently-asked questions about clean arteries. Among the questions are:

  • How artery blockages are formed, in a new root-cause explanation very different from traditional cholesterol theory?
  • I am a strict vegetarian, but why I still have high cholesterol level and clogged coronary arteries?
  • How natural herbs are used in special formulas to treat heart problems in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?